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Pirate story by holly 5M I’m so lucky!! ^u^

May 1, 2015 by holly

Pirate Story

Tuesday 17th June 1876

I found a map this morning. It was an odd little map, it was. It had an X-marks-the-spot at the bottom. My brother didn’t know. He was 18, and he was a pirate. I want to be a pirate one day. My brother bought my family a HUGE house and we had lots of gold. He plundered Britan and took loads of gold home. My brother was the captain of his ship, so he got most gold. I suppose you would like to know about us. I am a 12yr old girl with long curly brown hair and mischievous green eyes. My name is Edith. My brother has short blonde hair, a bit like mum. His eyes are brown and my mum has a mass of blonde at her head. I never met dad, but he probably had brown hair and green eyes like me. One day I was able to go to my brother’s ship. I wore my short brown top with my dark brown jeans. I put on my sun-hat and my long black boots, and that was what my brother told me to wear. When we got there the ship was broken and crew dead…

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  1. Caroline Hooper says:

    Wow. I want to know what happened next….!!!!

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