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Writing challenge

June 15, 2015 by Miss Mills

This week you need to write about your time in year 5.

Tell me what you are really proud of. What you have achieved this year.

Then tell me how you want to improve next year.

Finally explain what you would like to achieve next year in year 6.


  1. Aimee says:

    I have improved in maths because I have practised at home what we learnt in the lesson that day which has helped me. This has helped because I sometimes get stuck with a mental method especially subtraction.

    I have liked learning about the Tudors and the World War 2 because it was really interesting to learn about the past.
    The other reason I love these topics in history is because we went on a trip to Hampton Court Palace also we read Rose Blanche which is a story of a young girl who sees what it is like in the dangerous war.
    My first target is to achieve my pen licence again in year 6. The second target is to get some new higher levels which will make my writing even better. The last target is to learn some more things in art lessons because art is very creative.

  2. Lily says:

    So far in year 5 I have enjoyed making some new friends.

    I think I need to improve on my times tables.

    I want to achieve my 7 8 and 9 times tables in year 6.

  3. Nahin says:

    I have done well at loads of things this year in year 5 I am very proud of myself. One thing that I am very proud of is being a librarian It feels like one of the best things in the world. I have achieved my 3A level in writing.
    In year 6 I want to be a 5C in everyone single piece of work.

  4. Mia says:

    In year 5 I have had so much fun! I especially loved drawing our portraits of ourselves in art, then we put them up on the wall in our classroom. My improvements are my handwriting, I even got my pen licence! I also improved in my maths because I now know short division and also my times tables. I also improved my writing in literacy and I got writer of the week! I also wrote a seven paged story on a book names treason by Berlie Doherty, I spent all my break time working on it. My most favourite part of year 5 was going on the school trip to Hampton Court, it was so historic! my targets for year 6 are getting better at adding fractions. next year my target is to get better at doing homework.

  5. Stanley says:

    I think I have really improved on my extended writing because I was a level 3B and now Im level 4C. But my target for year 6 is to become a level 5B. I have improved on my maths as well as my extended writing because im a tad away from being top set in maths. My target for literacy is to be a really good narrative writer. My target in literacy next year is to be top set aswell

  6. Holly Dolly says:

    My Days in Year Five
    Hi you guys. I am nearly at the end of year five, and I am loving it =)!! Well, apart from the hard stuff, like Maths and Geography =(. Although we do not do Geography as a lesson alone, Miss Mills, our teacher, makes us do it in history, because we are learning about the Indus valley. I don’t like geography because it is one of those things that 0% children like, and 100% teaches encourage <=/!! I am really proud of my literacy and my reading. Literacy because I am enjoying it much more, therefore I am concentrating, and reading because I am reading nearly every single day, even in the holidays =)!! This year, I have achieved my writer of the week certificate!! Yay =)!!!! I would like to improve my art because I am lacking my creativity lately <=0!! I really need to catch up on my skill… In year 6, I want to catch up on my art, like I said

    • Caroline Hooper says:

      Looks like you will be doing more Maths and Geography instead of reading in the school holidays :oP

      Well done though….x

  7. David says:

    I am very proud of my levels as I have exceeded my expectations and I’m aiming to become a level 5 next year which will help me a lot. If I keep this up I can shock my year 6 teacher and even my secondary school teacher as well. Throughout the year I’m pretty sure that made me proud the most.

    The subject I have achieved the most is Extended Writing. This is because I have achieved a 4b and that is a year 6 level. I’ve also achieved Maths because I’m more intelligent at it than ever.
    Next year I want to improve at Art because I want to make my drawings better than ever. I know I good at it but I want to be excellent

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