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  1. 100 WC

    January 23, 2015 by ellie2

    The magic rabbit

    Chapter 1

    Once upon a time on the cliffs was a boy called Bart now Bart lived with his mother , his father , sister and his pet rabbit named snowbell. Now snowbell wasn’t just an ordinary rabbit he was a magic rabbit . Every time when Bart’s annoying cousin comes over snowbell sort out the problems.

    Chapter 2

    On the 23rd of June it was Bart’s birthday he is now 16 years old but he wasn’t so exited about it so he went down the stairs he saw balloon’s on the living room door even the kitchen windows everywhere. Bart’ s mother father and there sister woke up they quickly ran down the stairs.

    Chapter 3

    Then Bart went to get his rabbit snowbell so he can see Bart’s presents. when he opened his present he said [ I feel something that has a new scooter inside the box].But before he can take on single look at it his annoying cousin barged though the door and said ( what a cute rabbit ) but then snowbell disrepaird

  2. 100 word challenge

    January 16, 2015 by ellie2

    once there was a man called Steve and Steve liked building things. He likes building houses for him to sleep and if he needs anything he can go the chest room where all of the things he needs. One day Steve was walking though the forest and as he started building a green house that connects to a railway but after 5 minutes  a dog came and then other dogs came over and then Steve had an idea he looked after the dogs he gave them names Headmaster, Chunnel,bubble bee and Pluto. Steve gave them the right food for them.



                                                 the ennnnnnnnnnnnnd


  3. 100 word challenge

    December 12, 2014 by ellie2

    Dear Dairy

    25th December 2013

    In the morning  of christmas day. I went to my brothers room to wake him up by jumping up and down on the bed. After I woke him up  we  went to my mums room and woke mum and dad up we  bounced on the bed to wake them up. Just because we wanted to open our presents.

    We went down stairs and we saw our stockings full of presents we opened the presents we had  breakfast then everyone else came and then we opened the presents they got us I opened a present and it had a red bow.

  4. Alice in Winter Wonderland

    December 5, 2014 by ellie2

    In aveley primary we had a pantomime of Alice in winter wonderland and everyone enjoyed it but the year sixes was at the ballet of Alice in wonderland but as ballet.As the people did the play they interdusd themselves to us like the Hatter, Alice, the queen of hearts and twiddle D and  twiddle dumb.

    The start

    At the start of the pantomime the Hatter came and introduced himself so everyone can rember his name for the rest of the play. But when the queen of hearts came we had to say boo to her because she hated people saying boo to her .

    the ending

    At the end the queen shrunk and she got trapped in to a empty box.

  5. My Ceation Story

    October 20, 2014 by ellie2

    My own creation story

    100,0000 years ago in space two asteroids smashed together and they made a big smash that they made themselves into a massive asteroid and they were heading to earth .And they came as fast as they could it never stopped. The massive asteroid collapsed on gods creation.

    The chimpanzees

    In 023 there were chimpanzees as they grew older they turn into human beings and they sometimes die before being a human being . Even this happened before Christ and the day he was born .

    The Human Beings

    As we were half human being we were beginning to learn to build our own houses for us and our family’s.200 years later we whole human beings and we learned to build our own city and we lost 500 people died by hard work.

    by Ellie