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  1. The Midnight Saga – Cruel Ghost

    January 23, 2015 by holly

    Cruel Ghost

    Dear Deadly Diary…

    I just found out something AWESOME. So, whilst I was gently striding Lockwood hall…. I –

    What was that I could feel? A hand? On my shoulder? I silently turned, and screamed. I had heard rumours at school that Lockwood Elementary was haunted, but I never believed it! It was amazing how it snuck up behind me – spectacular how its claws dug into my flesh – and deadly. How the poison coursed through my veins. It looked like a ghost. It wasn’t invisible, and I could touch it, also, excellent when I loudly stomped… it paused, it cried, then left.

  2. The Open Trees

    January 16, 2015 by holly

    I saw his face. It was gorgeous. He said his name was Lucas.

    Ha! Prax spells. I’ve been practising them all week. That one let you see into my thoughts. Oh, and Prax always comes with a memory wipe-out, so you don’t remember Lucas at ALL. Hey, speaking of prax, I’ve got this prax spell I’ve been DYING to try out. Here it comes…

    “he £was $a $woodcutter. %he ^had &birds *all “£around $%him. ^&As *(he “*started, £&they $^began %%to £*sing $$a ^^cute “”little song

  3. My 100 word challenge

    December 12, 2014 by holly

    My 100 word challenge

    Dear diary,

    My mum evil mum has dragged me here AGAIN. This is like, my fifth time here this week. I swear, she is definitely addicted to this place. AND I bet that she only likes this place, not for its awesome name, the Shipwreck Inn, but because it has a pub and hot-tubs. And as always, she left me. All on my own. So I just did what I always do. The following: I took my big chunky dress of and chucked it into the ditch, wearing a black shiny mini-dress and a-


  4. My Xmas 100 word challenge by Holly

    December 12, 2014 by holly


    I knew what I was doing back then. And I didn’t regret it one little bit. I was HAPPY. It felt strange, though. I was running out of the red celebration building. I swung open the strong bars, feeling the least bit nervous. Once I was out, I could rest, and nobody would know! I felt so sad for the other children, because they had to spend Christmas all cooped up in a small room. I felt ashamed. Even though I really wanted to save them, I had no intention of going back into that big old chicken coop.