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  1. 100 word challenge

    January 23, 2015 by jackm

    “Hello” said James “Hi” replied Percy.

    There was two boys in a jungle, one of the boys felt a big bang.

    Lots of light pink monkeys ran out of a hole, Percy found in the hole a bunch of stairs, Percy was going in although it wouldn’t be safe

  2. 100 word challenge

    January 16, 2015 by jackm

    The scary Rainforest

    The Rainforest is a huge place where tree’s grow and lots of terrifying creatures  such as beastly panda, gross gorilla’s, unbearable cheetah and lying lion.

    James, Mr Cracker, Dr Sam and George were sent to defeat those bossy animals but one day the Rainforest got flooded with water and panda, lion and cheetah was never to be seen again but…5 months later…Mr Cracker found the unbearable cheetah and little cheetah’s, Mr Cracker was going to search for the others.

    As he started they popped out of no were but then the cheetah’s made a noise…BANG they started running the cheetah’s followed too…

  3. 100 word challenge

    December 5, 2014 by jackm

    Once long long ago there was 4 people named Jimmy who was 15, Kate was 10, Dennis was 13 and Ray was 8.

    Once they was walking on the path next to a road and Ray said “what a nice day” but then all of a sudden a big crash was heard and 2 horses came running with an old man Dennis had seen before working in a farm.

    Kate whispered “who was that” “don”t know” replied Ray and Dennis shouted “its him” and all at once they fell over as a big rumble apeared.

    They all ran home.

  4. Creation Story

    October 20, 2014 by jackm

    This is how the planet earth was created. Years and years ago, thousands of rocks crashed and crumbled together causing dust, plush and bits of rocks fell.

    Some of the rocks were not together and the living gaps were taken over by water. Fish were the first civilized, back boned animals on Earth. These were the first animals ever. Also the world had been made the same way as Venus but on Venus there were no gaps between the rocks and water swelled over the rocks and the water turned into ice.

    Then babies appeared and the babies grew into children and the children grew into adults and the adults turned into old aged people and then the cycle of life continued.