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  1. Katie’s 100 word challenge

    January 30, 2015 by katie2

    The sky was pure black, and no one was around. All the roads were icy. The road lamps were shinning down.

    But they were no cars, no one had their lights on and the road was nothing but BLACK! The shinning stars swooshed in the sky and they were as bright as new shining stars. The star was shining down onto the pale black road.

    Amazing, bright, beautiful, lovely stars were all that was there. The houses were all horrible and gloomy under the bright lamps. People were scared to go down the road because it was so so very scary.
    IT’S SCARY !!!!                                                                                                                                    Bye Katie

  2. Katies 100 word challenge

    January 23, 2015 by katie2

    It was a cold winters day although no one was around. I was walking as I stepped I said “what was that I could feel on my back?” I was terrified. When I felt it I ran as fast as as I could! I was running rapidly. While I was running my Mum was cooking. As I was running I felt the touch again. I was very very scared! I told my mum when I got home so she said “come and take a nice long rest okay.” While I was sleeping I had a horrible long sleep, I had a a bad dream. The End

  3. 100 word

    November 28, 2014 by katie2

    One day they was a little girl called Emily who had a cat called Mary, and they were both very nice. The little girl had a friend and she had a cat and the two cats always played together. The cats and the two friends always played ring a ring a roses. When they play the game all at once they all full over. They played it and the cats and the two friends played ring a ring a roses and all at once they all fell over in a big bang. and They all played together for the hole day, and done it again lots.

  4. The Creation Story

    October 20, 2014 by katie2

    IN the beginning god made two massive planets CRASH together. they are called meteors the meteors crashed together but it made the world. witch was amazing. it happened in a BANG. Really we are all brothers and sisters. Because two people created all of us. they are animals that people didn’t no of until someone spotted one and they started making more and more. A man was very happy and made every one happy. And they started making more and more planets. and that is how the world was made.